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Tournia offers you everything you need

Only a few of our features explained in more detail

Promote your tournament online

With Tournia you can create your own tournament website. The registrations of players are also visible here, as well as contact information, location information, and a link to register for the tournament.

You have complete control over the look & feel of your website. You can upload images, create new pages and adjust meta data for search engines. It's easy to set-up; you'll have your own website running in no time.


Simple registrations and payments

Players can register for your tournament in a few simple steps. Afterwards players receive a confirmation email, and can also change the information later on. This helps you as an organizer, as players don't need to email you anymore with changes.

You have complete control over the registration form. You can add additional text fields, selection boxes or remarks boxes. All information will be saved automatically for this player.

Tournia also offers payments. You set up the amount and products you have, and Tournia takes care of the rest. Payments are transferred to your PayPal account directly.

Let players participate online

During the tournament you can turn on the Live functionality. Available on a desktop computer, tablet or smartphone, people can see upcoming and current matches, scores, rankings, etc.

Live can also be used as a presentation display. This helps you as an organizer, because you get for example less questions where someone has to play or when a particular match will be played.


Control your tournament in an easy way

Tournia offers everything you need to run your tournament. Prepare your tournament by setting up disciplines, create teams by selecting who plays with who, add a new round and create matches. You can start matches on a specific location (e.g. court), and Tournia knows which players are currently playing.

After filling in the score of a match, the rankings are automatically updated. You can print matches, court notes, teams and rankings.

At the moment Tournia only supports the Swiss ladder system, but there are plans to expand to Round-robin as well.


Free if your tournament is free or € 0.50 per player

It's free for organizers to use Tournia as long as you're not charging for tickets! There are no monthly charges, enrollment costs, or setup fees.

If you organize a commercial tournament (i.e. ask money for participation), we charge you € 0.50 per player.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does payments work?

When a player registers for your tournament, he/she has the option to make a payment as well. The money is paid directly to your PayPal account. This way you don't need to set-up any technical things to accept credit-cards or online payments.

Are other currencies possible?

Tournia supports all currencies. Please contact us directly if your currency is not in the list of possible currencies.

Do I need a credit card?

No, you don't. You only need to create a business PayPal account (is free to create), and enter the API key int the settings of your tournament.

How does it work with VAT?

You should charge the players for VAT, if necessary. Tournia acts only as a platform to help you organise your tournament; the payment transactions between you and your player is your responsibilty.

Which fees do you charge?

Tournia charges € 0.50 per player. An invoice is sent to you after the tournament.

Where can I configure payments?

In the settings screen, under the payment tab, you can adjust this.

Manage your tournament in an easy and intiutive way